2022 Interior Trends

2022 Interior Trends
December 15, 2021 Emma
2022 trends Katharine Ellen designs

It’s always interesting as we head towards the end of the year and all the predictions start to emerge for the next one; especially when it comes to interior trends. I have already stumbled across many interesting and some slightly eccentric but they all serve the purpose of giving us inspiration which can only be a good thing

Here are a few headliners:-

Round shapes

Curves are beautiful. They are tactile and can really break up a square space both inside and outside of the house. They bring a certain softness to a room so maybe after a tough few years, this is just what we need


There is a lot of hype around florals at the moment. Whether it be in big bold wallpaper patterns or fabrics; they really are making a lot of noise. I think we will start to see how this more traditional statement will really work in a more modern way


I absolutely love green and how the colour palette can range from something quite dramatic to something fresh. It’s all about our connection with the outside world and bringing a little bit of the outdoors in

Black accents – If you read my previous post, you know I’m already there! I love how black accents have stepped out of the ‘gothic’ and ‘angry’ associations and are starting to be seen as beautiful compliments to other colours and styles

Grey is ending its 10-year trend

Again as per the previous post, It does seem that grey is coming to the end of its popularity whilst other neutral colours are still favourable BUT, It is all about personal choice so if you still like grey then go for it! Don’t be put off just because it’s not as ‘trendy’ as it once was

Bye-bye fast furniture

I personally feel we have all been going on this journey for some time but the more people buy for the long term the better. Re-upholstering a well made vintage piece of furniture can be so much fun and of course makes it completely unique. Katharine has a gorgeous range of fabrics to help you create your showstopper

Our homes mean more now as we start to plan them more around the work/homelife balance and buying more sustainable just makes more sense

Emotional escape rooms

This made me chuckle but I absolutely get it! We all need a space to switch off in; have a little dance in or have a little shout in! It seems that people are really looking at the rooms that perhaps get less used and thinking how they can be changed or become multi-purpose, Utilities, garages, sheds etc.

Need some extra inspiration?

Katharine Ellen Designs provides excellent interior trends advice to help you pull your ideas together. We promise to inspire your ideas with an array of fabrics, wallpaper and upholstery. If you would like any advice please Contact Katharine on 01986 877580 or visit our contact page here.