Painting For The Mind

Painting For The Mind
May 7, 2022 Emma
Painting for the mind Katharine Ellen Designs

Can painting heal your mind?

I’ve always taken great pleasure out of doing my own painting.  I often feel quite puzzled when I hear  people say they ‘have the decorators in’.

Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely get that some people may say they don’t enjoy painting. Maybe they don’t have the time and some simply don’t feel confident to paint.  I would like to tell you why I get so much out of painting and being ‘the decorator’.

Let’s step back in time

I’ve always loved painting and this stems right back to my childhood. I have vivid memories of helping dad paint the shed, stripping paint off doors and even (at the grand old age of 13) volunteered to help my art teacher gloss his skirting!

I just loved the satisfying feeling of the before and after – don’t we all!

As I’ve grown older though, not only it is about the victorious feeling of the finished job but it’s how painting makes me feel. 

Calming effects

The repetition of the brush strokes has a soothing, calming effect and you just get completely lost in the moment.

Our days are filled with making decision after decision. Having a window of time and using it to completely zone in on the job in hand just puts those decisions on hold just gives the mind a bit of a break.

There isn’t much I haven’t painted and may have earned myself the title as the ‘Crazy paint lady’ one day – yes, I’ve even painted and stencilled my patio!

So, if you need to press pause from the daily pressures and need a bit of time out – my advice is go paint!

How to choose your finish

I have many favourite types of paint finishes, Farrow & Ball being one of my favourite. They have a finish for just about any project in or out of your home. Why not take a look at Katharine Ellen Designs Farrow & Ball blog. There is plenty of great advice with really useful links included.

If you need any further advice on paint colours why not get in touch with Katharine Ellen Designs to book your personal consultation or simply talk paint colours.