Just How Important Is Your Bedroom?

Just How Important Is Your Bedroom?
July 28, 2022 Emma
Black & White Bedroom
All the rooms in our house are important for different reasons and our bedrooms play such an important role in our health and wellbeing.

Healthy Night Sleep

We all know how important sleep is (and a good nights sleep at that) so we should take the time to create an environment which helps us achieve this.
We spend a third of our life sleeping so really put the effort into thinking about this space and what it needs to achieve to help you switch off and try and get that all important 8 hrs!
For me, it was tying to create a place which would help me detach myself from a busy day but whilst also subtly injecting my personality.
Having a good range of lighting is crucial for me in all rooms but especially the bedroom.
I love natural light in the day and find the white in the walls really helps to bring the brightness in. I love a pitch-black room at night so use blackout blinds behind my heavy lined curtains and just rely on the subtle hue of my clock to guide me on time.
I love bedside lamps which just give enough of a glow to read a book and then I love the main dimmable light which just give the whole room that extra dimension.

Zero Clutter

Probably THE most important factor me. Decluttered bedroom = decluttered mind. Keep things in your room to a minimum and just always put things away.
Having the ‘wardrobe chair’ might seem convenient but it’s much more satisfying to put all those clothes back to where they belong and not to wake to see a chair full of stuff. When you wake to a tidy room you just feel like the reset button has been set and you are ready to start the day.

Music Is An Escape

I fill my days with music. Music is one of my besties. All my rooms have some sort of device to play music and my bedroom is no exception.
I have my smart speaker and love the fact that everything is at my command. I love waking up and asking it for radio 6 (other radio stations are available!) and requesting the dulcet tones of Thom Yorke as I doze off  (other dulcet singers are available too!) Music creates and ambience and this really does have a direct influence on your mood

There’s No Place Like Bed

The bed takes up the most space in your room and should be your biggest feature. A big consideration for me is the headboard as I’m a big fan of a cuppa in bed on a Sunday morning. With this in mind, I wanted something big and a bit squishy so I comfortably sit up with the radio on and take in the morning (with my 6 year old squished by my side!).
I think there are some beautiful headboards out there and I absolutely appreciate the beauty of iron or rattan but for me it’s about comfort and being able to enjoy that Sunday morning cuppa in comfort. Katharine Ellen Designs offer some scrumptious fabrics and even make bespoke headboards to suit any interior style.
There are so many lovely options to dress a bed with an abundance of cushions and throws at hand. Think about the look you want to achieve and the materials they can help this look – soft tactile fabrics like velvet and fluffy textured fabrics will add warmth, cosiness and depth and add a snuggle factor 10.
Take a look at Katharine Ellen Designs for ideas. Katharine can cleverly design your headboard and even match or co-ordinate your bed linen such as throws and cushions.

Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

We all love that feeling of getting into bed under a freshly laundered duvet – that’s how our whole bedrooms should feel. Lots of fresh air and keeping things minimal will mean less things to collect dust – winner.
Looking for inspiration? Why not visit Katharine Ellen Designs where you can view all the stunning fabrics and ideas available all in one place. Fill in our contact form to make an appointment or a personal consultation.