Creating The Perfect Christmas Decor

Creating The Perfect Christmas Decor
December 19, 2022 Emma
Katharine Ellen designs Christmas decor

When it comes to creating the perfect Christmas decor, I’ve decided you are either of the following

1) The zero decorator – bah humbug
2)The haphazard decorator – just throw it all together – ta dah!!
3)The obsessive decorator – Everything perfect with the baubles strategically positioned and re-positioned 976 times.

I am unfortunately number three but with a real burning desire to be more of a number two.


Creating the perfect Christmas decor

Each year I try and push myself to be a bit more in the number two camp but I can’t seem to do it – why do I/we put ourselves under so much pressure to achieve the perfect look and has this taken the shine off the fun?

My tipping point this year was when my 7-year-old said to me ‘it doesn’t have to be perfect mum’ (yes, she’s already adopted the ‘mum’ word rather than ‘mummy’ -crying inside!!)

Don’t get me wrong, me and my little miss always have fun decorating the tree and we make it a ‘thing’ but am I really conscious that in the back of head I’m already planning to move that bauble once she’s tucked up in bed.

Everything just so

Is re-positioning that decoration 2 cms to the left really going to make a difference and is anyone really going to notice!!!!

Yes, I am a very ‘neat’ person and I do like ‘tidy’ but should my tree and my decor represent these things, or should it be the perfect opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone and relax a bit and just not care quite as much?  After all, it’s something that is only up for a few weeks!

We had a bit discussion in my ‘Besties’ WhatsApp group sharing our tree pictures and talking about our styles. I realised that regardless of our approach, they all looked absolutely fab so am i just over thinking things??!! 

Keeping hold of memories

My childhood memories are a box of decs being brought down from the loft with the same tinsel, lights and garlands inside. Spending the first 2 hrs checking that the lights actually worked only to find out that they didn’t, and each bulb had to be tested.

We then all just got stuck in popping things on the tree left, right and centre and then argued about who should put the angel on the top! It was fun, the tree always looked perfect, and they are memories which will stay with me forever.  I just want to make sure my little girl looks back with those same fond happy memories.

When people say, your tree looks very neat, I’m not sure this is a compliment anymore, I think I want them to say it’s looks fun and Christmassy in fact, I’ve already decided next year is about handing the Christmas decorating reigns over to my little lady and just seeing where it goes.

Watch this space.