Embracing Your Greens

Embracing Your Greens
March 30, 2023 Emma
Katharine Ellen green decor blog Showing dark green wall with elite picture frame

I was sitting in my living room last week unwinding from the day with a cuppa when my brain went into overdrive with a plan on refreshing my living room.

3 days later the job was complete!

The day previous I had no desire to make changes, in fact I was perfectly happy, but that’s how my crazy creative brain is wired!

It wasn’t a big change, but enough to give the room a different look and feel which somewhere in the depths of mind is obviously what I needed (I feel like I’m justifying this change to you all to make it acceptable when the reality is that I hadn’t painted the room for over 10 years!!).

Katharine Ellen green decor blog showing dark green wall with white accessories

The blue wall became green and with the addition of a few new cushions and a throw – ta-dah – a new look space to enjoy.

Keeping it simple

When I’ve talked previously around staying away from themes and planning rooms for the long term this is exactly what I was referring too; following those simple rules makes updating a room incredibly easy.

It did make me think about the colour green though and why I spontaneously reached out for it.

Love your greens – in every way!

As I pondered this, it dawned on me that green actually plays a big role in my house but in in such a subtle way, that I didn’t realise it!

The green leafs of the plants, my green velvet dining room chairs, the green walls in my downstairs loo, my green coat, my daughters green coat, the greens in my fridge ( I am partial to a daily dose of spinach!) – it does appear in this house that we like and reach out for our greens a lot!

Katharine Ellen blog green walls and velvet dining furniture

But isn’t green everywhere? As we walk through the park with the grass underneath our feet, as we drive along with the trees lining our roads, in our rivers and ponds, the lush green veg lining our supermarket isles- There are more shades of green than any other colour.

With its strong association with nature, luck and health maybe it’s just something we desire to bring into our homes. Maybe we feel by inviting this colour in that we feel closer to the outdoors and all the lovely things in it.

The more I think about it, the more I relate green to tranquillity and freshness and for now it certainly feels like I’ve brought a little bit of each of these into my home.

‘Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which it’s loveliness arises’.

Pedro Calderon de la Barca.

Bravo to that!

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