Larks Rise Bruisyard


A beautiful thatched property which sadly suffered a fire, causing fire and smoke damage to all soft furnishings and required complete replacement.

Meeting the brief perfectly!

Over a period of time we worked room by room which finally led to a delightful project on the client’s Shepherd’s Hut in their garden!

One particular room in the attic, known as the guest room, required ingenuity to meet the brief for the Velux windows. Although they did not require privacy protection they needed a shield to protect from external light. The client wanted a softer look than blinds could achieve and Katharine quickly identified a perfect working solution.

By installing rods top and bottom Katharine was able to create a casual finish but which was really effective to block out external light, meeting the brief perfectly!

Low eave curtains on pole by Katharine Ellen Design


  • Kitchen
  • Boot Room
  • Main Reception Room/Lounge
  • Master Bedroom
  • Attic/Guest Room
  • Hallway
  • Shepherd’s Hut


  • Clarke & Clarke
  • Ian Mankin
  • Voyage
  • Swaffer
  • Cristina Marrone

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