We know the importance of quality aftercare.

Quality Aftercare

We pride our work on honesty start to finish. With all the very best intentions, efforts and accuracy material fundamentally moves. Gravity takes hold and fabrics can drop. As much as we try to allow for this from the outset, predicting the fabric’s behaviour as best we can, occasionally curtains will benefit from some tweaking after time.

Our perfectionism doesn’t end when our creations leave the showroom which is why we return to visit specific projects so we can see for ourselves that the curtains look as they should, or if any alterations are needed.

Katharine tends to revisit all full length curtain projects to check the fabric hasn’t dropped so the curtains begin touching the floor. This will cause the curtains to wear on the hem (with the exception of curtains designed to ‘pool’).

Not many projects require a revisit, and a follow-up appointment is not always booked, but aftercare is offered as standard with every project we complete.

2 Year Guarantee

We offer a 2 year guarantee on all workmanship as standard. Each customer is given a copy of this Guarantee in writing and we encourage any customer to get in touch if they feel their products unexpectedly need some attention, and this is encouraged for the entire 2 years the workmanship is guaranteed.

In the same way a book’s ending may be re-read for clarity, so a curtain’s final chapter may need a little more time spent also. But usually we close the book with a satisfied smile on our face and look to pick up the next one!