Transform your room

Wallcoverings can transform a room and give a whole new feel and atmosphere. A lot of the fabric houses we work with supply various wallcoverings to match or compliment their fabrics.

Working in harmony

We always aim to go the extra mile to ensure everything works in harmony together, and we use high end suppliers who provide beautiful wallcoverings which compliment and enhance the stunning curtains and upholstery projects we work on.

cream and neutral wallcoverings by Katharine Ellen Designs
safari wallcoverings for kids
children's wallpaper designs by Katharine Ellen Designs
wallcoverings children’s wallpaper

Breathtaking wallpapers

These are very different to most ‘off the shelf’ wallcoverings you can find in high street stores and have a really high-end finish which allow a finished room to look quite breathtaking. They are all easy to put in place which is ideal when trying to get the perfect finish.

Cater for all budgets

There are various price ranges available which means we can cater for all budgets and we offer a supply only service, or supply and fit for those who feel they would rather pass the entire project over and just enjoy the finished look!

space wallcoverings on navy blue background for kids
grey printed wallcoverings by Katharine Ellen Designs
wallcoverings safari parrots and tigers
contemporary wallcoverings

Looking for something a bit different?

We work with a select number of ‘Print to Order’ suppliers such as
Kate Hipwell
Sanderson group
Romo group

If you want your room to tell a story we will help you write it!

We love working with these brands as their products are beautiful quality and allow you to make your interior designs completely unique and personalised to your requirements. For example, if you would like a green within a sample fabric made more vivid our suppliers can accommodate this! Or maybe you would like the grey of the dinosaurs in the print for your little ones bedroom to be a darker grey, this can be easily be done using this ‘Print to Order’ service and you can have wallcoverings, curtains and a duvet cover produced, all uniquely created to order!