Curtain Tracks, Poles and Finials

The essential finishing touches to your beautiful handmade curtains

Working in Harmony

We use only the finest curtain poles & tracks to compliment our stunning handmade curtains. Creating a magnificent finished project and final look of perfection. Choose from an extensive selection ranging from traditional to contemporary, we will guide and advise on a selection that is right for you.


Poles and tracks can affect the feel and style of a room just as much as the curtains and it is vital they work in harmony to achieve the final desired look for the room. Establishing the mood and ambience you want your room to create will help us to plan your project with precision and meticulous detail.

turned white metal finial
Goblet curtain header at katharaine ellen designs
wooden carved finial for curtain pole

Curtain poles and tracks that stand the test of time

We use various suppliers to suit all desired looks, physical requirements as well as budgets. We insist on determining which brand will meet all requirements without paying ‘over and above’ if you don’t need to. Riel Chyc is one of Katharine’s personal favourites for poles…“they are priced well, robust, and have so far provided me with a product to meet my exact requirements. Including finials and brackets. They are our ‘go to’ for nearly every domestic and commercial project for standard poles”


Cameron Fuller produce fabulous bay poles. They are the only company I have found able to supply ‘pass over rings’ that actually work. These are the rings which pass over the brackets which support the pole allowing free movement of the curtains. Byron and Byron produce lovely timber poles, which have some amazing floral finials and overall stunning colours. They are more expensive but really beautiful. Barn Wood produce some lovely distressed limed effect poles that really suit seaside properties”.


“From experience there are certain products I refuse to use such as plastic profiles for tracks. I only include products I know will stand the test of time. I offer an aftercare service which is hugely valuable for me to be able to offer, but also means if I use only the best products for the requirements of the curtains this service is more an insurance policy to my customers which in reality never really comes in to practise.

World of Perfection

“As with my fabrics, I am happy to offer expensive poles, finials, tracks, etc., only as long as I see a reason for the price. I believe they should be worth the cost. A recent project for an entire property in London required huge bay poles which could be bent to fit bay windows, each pole cost in the region of £900 but the needs of the curtain fabric, and the demands of the windows, required nothing less than a product which looks fabulous and is amazingly strong, and will continue to do so long term.”

As part of Katharine’s design service a wide range of poles and tracks are offered by various suppliers, ranging from traditional wooden poles, wrought iron, acrylic, to corded tracks for bay windows, electric tracks and all things contemporary! We will chat through options, discuss samples and together find the perfect tracks and poles for your requirements.

Just as a good story must be told by a good storyteller, Katharine’s curtains can only be hung on the very best poles and tracks suited to the curtains, anything less is ‘just not done’ in our world of perfection!