How Upcycling Can Support A Local Business

How Upcycling Can Support A Local Business
October 20, 2021 Emma
How up cycling can help a local business Katharine Ellen blog image

Hi my name is Emma and I simply live and breathe everything interiors. My mind is always buzzing with projects and ideas that are interesting, different and create talking points

Upcycling, re-purposing, makeover – whatever you wish to call it, the intent remains the same; bringing something which might be a little bit plain or simply tired, back to life. For me it’s about taking something and giving it a new identity, something which represents me and my style.

Twisting Things Up

I love taking something and giving it my own twist; it doesn’t have to be difficult and it should be fun. It might be simply changing the handles on a chest of drawers, adding vinyl stickers to an appliance or doing a bit of colour blocking on a wall to give it a bit of depth and difference.

I think most people feel a little scared to at least try and repair/refresh/rejuvenate. We often tell ourselves we aren’t creative enough or lack ability but this simply isn’t true. Creativity stems from so many things and it’s inside all of us, we just execute it differently. Give it ago! If it doesn’t work out, it just wasn’t the right project but the next one will be.

The Benefits Of Upcycling

There are sooooooo many benefits to updating things and not just buying ‘new’.

  • Saving money – Who doesn’t want to do that!
  • Reduce landfill – For most of us, it has become habit to make this our last resort which is great. When we can’t upcycle then gift to someone who can! Just pop it on a local selling page for free.
  • Encourage creativity – Create something unique – make it a conversation starter in your home (everyone who knows me will smile at this!)
  • Support local businesses – for your little project can you source a local business who can help you?
  • Mindfulness – Use the time to step away from busy lives and really immerse yourself. You’ll be amazed how you feel (even if it doesn’t work out)
  • Sustainability – Giving something a new lease of life is like us when we step out in a new outfit – it just feels a bit special.

Source Local & Feel Great

There are so many great people out there who inspire me to challenge myself. I wouldn’t have stencilled, stuck, painted, framed if it wasn’t for all that inspo so hopefully I can give a little of that inspo back too!

If you fancy a project such as updating your soft furnishings, making a lampshade or even recovering a small footstool, why not visit Katharine Ellen Designs in Halesworth, Suffolk where you will find amazing advice, knowledge and environmentally friendly products to help you start your project.
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