Saving Energy – How To Stay Cosy For Less

Saving Energy – How To Stay Cosy For Less
November 27, 2022 Emma
Stay warm with Katharine Ellen designs

It’s hard to escape talking about energy currently and the cost of living in general.  It’s such a huge thing in our worlds and has such a big impact on everyone.


I’ve become slightly obsessed with checking my smart meter and never thought I would be budgeting my energy use just as I do my shopping – but it’s real and something we have to adjust to for the here and now.



Although it feels like a hard cruel lesson, it is teaching us to understand what we really need and what we can do without.


Like many, I was brought up with no central heating, but I’ve simply forgotten what that was like having been blessed with the ability to have heat at the touch of a button.


I have had to make adjustments and a big part of that is how I can make my home more energy efficient, not just through the big things but through the things which are more accessible – how we dress our windows, layer our bedding and what we actually wear. I’m starting to  think differently about what warm really looks like and how we can achieve it without the obvious – simply turning the heating on.


If you read my last blog it was around keeping warm outside but what about the inside of our homes when the heating is switched off? 



Dressing our windows makes such a difference to the sound and warmth of a room (Have you ever taken your curtains down to decorate and noticed how strange it sounds and feels?) Curtains have several uses. Yes, we like them to look good as they are a big feature of the room, but they should also provide warmth and security. Heavier materials will do this, and thermal linings will add warmth.

Spending money on good quality curtains which will help keep the cold out makes for a sound investment. Blinds will also add an extra layer keeping the cold at bay.



I’ve talked about these before, but it just feels like they have taken on a new meaning now. My sofa is a woven chesterfield and suddenly it feels cold to sit on now I don’t have as much heating on. It’s simply not able to absorb the heat from the air like it used too. I’m now thinking of ways to make it cosier by adding seat covers which are softer and warmer such as velvet and fleece.


Our cushions are the same, my cotton ones don’t provide that cosiness due to the nature of the fabric so I’m thinking of buying/making velvet covers to put over the top so i can switch them around in the summer and the winter. 



Everyone seems to have gone a little crazy for all the teddy bear type fabrics which are around and I can see why – it is very warm & snuggly. They do vary in pile though so try and pick ones that have a bit of depth to them so they don’t go flat quickly. When they lose the textured look, they just look a bit sad.


There are some lovely home accessories which add warmth whilst adding style. 

Door draught excluders are very practical but there are some fab ones about, lovely materials and designs. If you are getting curtains or cushions made; maybe get one made to match. 

Think about where you get other draughts too though like your letterbox or your loft hatch and what you could do to stop those pesky draughts creeping in.


Blankets & throws an obvious one but make them a feature of the room. Have a lovely big rattan basket full of blankets of different sizes and fabrics for people to help themselves or drape them over arms of chairs and sofas for people to snuggle up to.


With the darker nights think about how the lighting can bring warmth and comfort to a room. Just a couple of lamps in darker corners can really change the mood in a room and the glow of the bulbs really do emulate the feeling of warmth. 


We know what we need to do to keep ourselves warm, but here are the things which work for me. 

  • Slippers – big cosy warm slippers – no explanation needed!

  • Wrist warmers – they really do work – highly recommended
  • Hot water bottle – on the lap in the day or popped in the bed before sleep (use responsibly)
  • Big pot of tea (Good excuse to buy a really funky tea cosy!!)
  • A cheeky 10 mins of an electric blanket or throw – a great way to warm the bed whilst keeping costs down
  • A big hug – can’t think of a better way to keep warm 

 It makes you wonder what homes of the future will really look like and how much we will actually depend on heating.


Already significant advances are being made in different types of heating systems and the way houses are built but when you look at things like thermal wallpaper and window film; we really are being forced to look at every aspect of our homes and what we can do to make them warmer and more efficient. 


Here at Katharine Ellen Designs we can help keep your home warm with thick, cosy soft furnishings such as thermal lined curtains and soft plush fabrics to coordinate. Why not get in touch to get stated 01986 873580 or fill in our contact form.