How To Choose The Right Curtain Style For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Curtain Style For Your Home
February 13, 2022 Sarah Croxall
Katharine Ellen designs curtain blog

Do you feel unsure when it comes to picking curtains for your home? Our quick guide will help you find the right window dressing for every room in your house.

Whether you have just got your keys to your first home or bravely renovated an existing property, either way, window dressings are often overlooked. Correct drapes can make or break a room but choosing stylish curtains and blinds whilst keeping functionality in mind can be challenging.


Curtains suit almost any type of window and can vary in length but how do you know which style to choose? If you have a curtain track, this narrows what curtain-type you can choose. If you have a curtain pole the options are wider.

Here are some of the most popular curtains:

Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleat heading sketch Katharine Ellen designs

The simplest of headers. Traditionally using a 3” deep tape and having thinner, single pleats that sit nicely on a track or a pole.These are more casual and more adaptable than the goblet or pinch pleat curtains. They are perfect for any room in the home that doesn’t require as much functionality.

Tip: If you require longer curtains, choose a 6” tape
Suitable for: Any window shape, bespoke or shaped windows such as apex and at her windows.

Pinch Pleat (Also known as double or triple pleat)

Pinch pleat curtains on a pole JPG

Pinch pleats are a popular classic, traditional heading. This particular style uses more fabric and is all sewn by hand giving you a more tailored look. They can be made with a double or triple pleat, with or without buttons and can only be hung on a pole.

Tip: If you are looking for a contemporary style choose the double pleat style.
Suitable for: Any straightforward window, period or modern homes


Goblet Pleat

Goblet pleat curtains JPG

Goblets are very similar to their sister pinch pleats. Again, made by hand by talented curtain makers where the top of the pleat is left open to give the “goblet” look. There are best hung on a pole for maximum effect.

Tip: For a more luxurious look opt for sumptuous fabrics such as velvet
Suitable for: Period and traditional homes. Any style of fabrics 

Cottage Header

Cottage header curtains JPG

One of our favourites, a quintessential cottage header with a soft gather. Made by setting the curtain tape a few inches below the top. The top frill can be short or long, the longer it is, the more it will fold over. This style suits cottages or coastal homes using floral and stripe fabric combinations. Can be hung on a pole or a track.

Tip: If you choose florals, it’s important to consider the scale of the pattern.
Suitable for: Cottage kitchen or bedroom. Short windows using lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen. But most fabrics can be used.

Wave Heading

Wave curtain header JPG

Now, if neatness floats your boat, then this system is ultimately for you. Generally a Silent Gliss track is used but there is alternatives out there. Silent Gliss introduced the “wave curtains” heading system. It turns traditional curtains into a modern statement. The wave system offers a more contemporary presentation offering a uniform style.

Created with a specially designed heading tape and wave glider cord to get a soft, continuous wave effect. When opened the curtains stack back neatly with no fussing. These can only be used on curtain tracks with wave gliders. A minimal appearance that will suit either residential or commercial projects.

Tip: This style needs precision making, both pole and curtains. Always request a professional measuring service.
Suitable for: Contemporary interiors, hotels and conference rooms


Eyelet curtains on a pole JPG

Only to be used on curtain poles to create simple and modern waves. Different size eyelets and colours are available. Best suited for modern homes.

Tip: If you are looking for a contemporary style choose the double pleat style.
Suitable for: Any window types. Modern home.


Inverted Box Pleat

Inverted pleats on a pole JPG

An inverted pleat has the fullness of the pleat on the back of the drape. Creating a stationary flat face that hangs neatly and stacks back when open. This type of header can only be hung on a pole. One of our most popular headings here at Katharine Ellen Designs.

Tip: Stripes and plaids may not line up with pleats.
Suitable for: Contemporary interiors, light to medium fabrics such as cotton and linens.

 Last but not least – lining your curtains

Katharine Ellen designs lining choices

Curtain lining is a fabric that is sewn to the back of the drape.  Not only do they protect your curtains, but they also provide insulation, light reduction and extra privacy.

  • Super Soft Blackout – Light reduction with thermal properties
  • Cotton Bump Interlining – Provides another layer of lining. Retains heat and dampening sound

Of course, we have not forgotten curtain poles and tracks. There is an array of designs and colours to choose from. Ultimately picking the right pole for your curtains will not only complete your interior but complete the look of your room.

We recommend you seek advice before selecting and fitting poles and tracks. We have specialist fitters to help with fitting or we are happy to instruct those who are handy.

In conclusion:

 Don’t leave selecting your curtain fabric until last or re-decorate your room first. Why not try and create a moodboard? By creating a collection of colours you could save yourself time and money in the long run.  Collect samples of fabrics, wallpaper, paint, flooring and images of furniture and lighting, pop them on the board starting from ceiling to floor and watch your ideas come to life.

Your next steps are:

  • Book your first consultation appointment with Katharine at our showroom
  • First consultation – view examples of our work, fabrics, styles etc.
  • After our research, we will book a second appointment with you at your home or business premises. We will bring selected fabric samples for you to consider
  • We will go through the final design brief and off to work we go! The dream begins…

So, if you feel you would like some interior design advice and creative ideas, contact Katharine Ellen Designs, and enjoy a free personal consultation service here at our showroom in Halesworth, Suffolk. Recommending curtain headers, fabrics, linings, blinds and curtain tracks /poles and so much more…

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