Is Farrow & Ball Worth It? 7 Big Yes’s Why

Is Farrow & Ball Worth It? 7 Big Yes’s Why
April 19, 2022 Sarah Croxall
Farrow and ball colour card Katharine Ellen designs

Is Farrow And Ball Worth it?

Have you ever walked through the decorating stores and thought “What is so special about Farrow and Ball (or F&B we call it in the trade).

There’s divided opinions from interior designers to decorators. So, is Farrow and Ball worth it? Does it do exactly what it says on the tin? (and on wallpaper!) Let’s delve in…

1) Deep & Rich Pigmented Colours

Due to the rich pigments and quality ingredients, you will find once you have decorated your room, your walls will come to life by responding to all types of light throughout the day.

Tip: Looking after your paint will help save all those rich pigments. Even after a couple of years you will be able to touch up your wall and the rich pigment will still be there.

2) So Many Timeless Colours To Choose From

From pastels to bold colour each colour has been created with a lot of thought and care. Farrow and Ball ensures their paints sit comfortably in a new or a period style home. Did you know there is over 130 colours to choose from?

3) Quality Finishes

Whether you are painting inside or outside, Farrow and Ball have a whole array of durable finishes that promise a long-lasting performance for your home. From Modern emulsions to floor and wood paint or outside projects, check out Farrow & Ball’s finishes.

Is Farrow & Ball Worth it? Read our blog Katharine Ellen Designs

4) Safe to use in every room of your home

Farrow & Ball paints are 100% water based and low on odour with low VOC (The strong smells that paint gives off).

Making them perfect for all around your home and especially for baby and infant’s bedrooms. It’s about so much more than paint and paper.

5) Environmentally Friendly & Cruelty Free

Who doesn’t like an environmentally friendly product? Here at Katharine Ellen Designs we love to recycle our fabrics and papers to reduce waste. That why we are glad to hear that F&B do just this with their tins. They are metal and fully recyclable without compromising on quality.

6) There’s a story behind every colour and it’s name

I admit, when looking through the colour swatch card I wonder where on earth some of those names come from… Moles Breath, Savage Ground, Sulking Room Pink and Dead Salmon but it’s nice to know that there is a story behind each one. Learn all about the colour stories here>>

7) Farrow & Ball Wallpapers – Made With Love In Dorset

It’s lovely to hear that F&B use their own paint to print their wallpaper collection. There is over 300 designs from floral to bold metallic patterns. There is definitely something for everyone.

Using the traditional “block and trough” method gives the paper an exquisite tactile finish and a seamless connection between wallpaper and paint. They have certainly earned their money.

All the paper is sourced only from sustainable forests then lovingly made in Dorset. I don’t know about you but we just love British Made here at a Katharine Ellen Designs.

What’s your experience of Farrow and Ball paint. Do you love it or hate it? Let us know your thoughts

If you would like help choosing paint colours, wallpapers and co-ordinating fabrics then get in touch via our contact form and let’s get your project started. In the meantime take a look at these handy links:

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