Bring A Room To Life With Texture

Bring A Room To Life With Texture
March 7, 2022 Emma
Textures in your home Katharine Ellen designs

How to use textures in your room.

For me this is one of the most important elements when it comes to bringing a room to life. They can play such a key role in bringing warmth into a room and adding visual interest.


They can be tactile – defined by how the surface feels – smooth, rough, soft etc or visual; how our eyes interpret the structure of the surface.

Fabrics present us with the biggest opportunity to add layers to a room but also don’t forget things like lighting and your home accessories – every object in a room has it’s own composition.

I love to see something in a room that invites me to reach out touch it; it just adds a different dimension.

Things to consider in your room:-

Raised textures absorb light and therefore give a sense of warmth; think about where the light bounces off from.

Mix these with smooth touches; layering is fun and can be changed seasonally. Linens work well in summer and velvets in the winter months for example.

Think about surfaces outside of your fabrics too such as your mantlepiece or bookshelf. A smooth glossy vase, a nice spiky plant, a tasselled rug all will draw the eye and make some things stand out over others.

Take the rough with the smooth

Don’t just think about texture in the rooms with soft furnishings too – bring them into play in other rooms such as the kitchen where there are a lot of smooth hard surfaces. Bring texture into this space with plants and contrasting materials such as timber – a chunky cutting board or a a reclaimed shelf are simple but can really change the look and feel and add warmth and depth.

Be careful not to lose direction but as always have fun and experiment; there are some really beautiful fabrics and home accessories out there which need to find their forever homes.

If you would like assistance balancing fabrics, curtain poles/tracks and accessories why not get in touch with Katharine Ellen Designs. With thousands of fabrics and wallpapers to choose from you can turn those dreams into reality.