How To Add Personality Into Your Bathroom – 8 Top Tips

How To Add Personality Into Your Bathroom – 8 Top Tips
September 17, 2022 Emma
Bathroom towel storage ideas by Katharine Ellen designs
Let’s talk bathrooms….
I remember a time when everyone wanted a clean,clinical white simple space to get clean …… full stop.
It was always the smallest room of the house that didn’t appear to need any further thought than fixtures, fittings and tiles (usually white) – priority was functional and certainly not about aesthetics.
Fast forward a few years or more and things couldn’t be more different. We are presented with a plethora of considerations – beautiful tiles (which wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery) fixtures and fittings in a variety of colours and styles (is Matt black and limescale a great combo I ask myself on a daily basis!) and finishes which are so more than a mirror or soap dish.
At some point the unspoken rules changed and we started to realise that – woop woop – we have another room to inject some personality into and have some fun with (well I did anyway!).
Of course the space needs a degree of practicality and it has to be able to serve its purpose as somewhere to brush our teeth and wash our hair (I did have carpet in my bathroom when I brought my house – eeekk) but practical doesn’t mean boring.
With all your ‘practical’ bits in situ, work around them …….


If you are keeping the fixtures and tiles simple then go all out with the floor. Good old fashioned vinyl has had a bit of a resurgence and there really are some fab patterns. I recently had some new vinyl fitted in my bathroom and asked the fitter to leave me with all the off cuts. It’s amazing where you can use them around the bathroom just to tie everything together.

Feature Wall

Feature wall – Feature walls seem to be a living room or dining room ‘thing’ but why can’t they be a bathroom thing?
Bathroom accessories by Katharine Ellen designs
Panelling – Still up their in the trend ranks but it does look good and I think it’s here to stay! I love the way that something from the 13th century works in all sorts of modern day spaces. Might not be a whole wall but could be a feature around a fixture possible.
Blinds – Again an opportunity to go bold with colour, pattern or texture and add a bit of depth to the room
Tiles – With so many stunning design choices really take some time to think about what will work. It’s easy to be romanced by a beautiful design or shape but will it be too much in a small space and does there need to eb a balance. I often see people get completely smitten by a design but not think about how this works in the overall space.
Artwork – Why keep artwork to the other rooms in the house? Lets fill those walls and make them happy! I get that needs to be some though around moisture in the bathroom, but most have such good ventilation now and if framed, this tends to add a layer of protection.
Katharine Ellen design bedroom blog black and white
Paint – Like with any room, have some fun with colour and experiment. Worst case scenario, live with it and if it just isn’t working – re-paint. It’s easy, fairly affordable and good for the soul. (see earlier blog!)
Katharine Ellen bathroom rug image
Finishing touches – The bit I love most! Bath mats, towels and those little quirks that just add character to the room. Step away from the obvious bathroom related ‘themes ‘and just add what you want. I don’t think my zebra vase it particularity nautical, but he does look completely at home!!!
Ellen designs bathroom blog
To coin what is becoming my manta – let this space reflect your personality and don’t feel too governed by what you think a bathroom should look and feel like. Just roll with it and enjoy the space.
If you need any further advice on paint colours or fabrics why not get in touch with Katharine Ellen Designs to book your personal consultation or simply talk your ideas through.