Future Proof Your Child’s Bedroom

Future Proof Your Child’s Bedroom
May 16, 2022 Emma
Katharine Ellen design Childrens bedroom blog

Nursery to bedroom…

When my little girl transitioned from nursery to bedroom I really wanted to create a space. A room that would grow with her;
Choosing an obvious ‘theme’ can be short-lived and ultimately expensive. I think you can get so much more value and the opportunity to be more creative if you think about the space for the longer term.
I absolutely wanted a room for her to enjoy and have fun in. One that I could simply tweak over the years so that the room with grow with her; 
I draw influence off many design styles with Scandi being one of them. This style certainly played a big part in the thought process behind my little ladies room.
By having the simplicity of white walls, it gave me a blank canvas to work with. I could then introduce colour and interest through a variety of decor, which could be subtly changed as she got older. 

Here are my top 6 tips to help future proof your child’s room:-


There are sooooooo many amazing prints around. I often tell myself on daily basis that I simply don’t have room for more. I always find that one spot!!

The good thing about prints is that they can be changed really easily.


A very simple addition but they give you the opportunity to display lovely things! Those lovely things change as the years go by. Having them placed fairly high on the wall makes them more of a feature.
Katharine Ellen designs toys on a shelf image

I choose really plain shelves that just blend into the wall so that the things on show made the statement. 


I opted for bedding which wasn’t defined by age but was still fun and could be used for years. Add in fun shaped cushions and a few toys and you have the perfect place to snuggle into at night.

Toy storage 

Lovely big belly baskets with pom poms and tassels not only look great and fun. Once the toys move onto their new homes they can then work for different things too- shoes, books, accessories etc.


I’m a big fan of more sustainable toys. I was able to source some great scandi wooden toys when my little girl was younger.

Katharine Ellen designs wooden Russian dolls

For some reason, these just don’t seem to age like ones of the plastic variety and they still play a part in her room now. Some are just showcased on her shelf and some are still played with.
One day they will be passed down to another little person but for now they are still very much loved.
Don’t get me wrong, she is an absolute sucker for an LOL doll but if you can get the balance right, it all helps.


I didn’t feel pressured into buying childrens furniture. She has a desk which is full size and will stay with her through school and beyond. Her bedside table is a beautiful funky yellow locker which will one day serve another purpose.

She has a full size fun yellow chair which just adds colour and interest. Buying these things in these sizes just means I buy once and not twice – winning!
Most importantly I made sure my little lady liked what I was doing. This was a room which was about her and not me.
It’s a room she loves taking her friends into and I hope it continues to be that way as she and her friends grow.

Where we are now…

Four years on and I haven’t had to really change that much so at the moment the plan is working – woop woop!!
If you are thinking of future-proofing your children’s bedroom why not get in touch with Katharine Ellen Designs. There is plenty of ideas, colours and textures to get your project started.