Thinking Of Renovating Your Kitchen?

Thinking Of Renovating Your Kitchen?
June 16, 2022 Emma
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Kitchen Renovating

Our kitchens are really important spaces and serve so many uses. They are places to cook, to enjoy time with friends and family and to have the odd kitchen disco (certainly a common theme here!)

When I brought my house many years ago, the kitchen was something I was desperate to update but there really was nothing wrong with it; it just wasn’t to my taste.

As The Years Went On…

Over the years I made the odd temp update such as painting the handles and covering the work surface with some crazy tiles; all of which looked great short term. In the background, I was saving pennies to turn my kitchen into something which I loved and that represented me.

I couldn’t change the kitchen layout and the actual framework of the kitchen was fine, so an update seemed an obvious choice for me.

Kitchen transformation v2

On A Winning Note…

It was actually a win-win. It meant less disruption, kinder to the environment and I could invest my pennies into other things. I had so much fun!

I did as much as I could myself, taking down old tiles, and removing a few wall cupboards and kickboards (finding things that had a sell-by date of 1999!) I worked with a local company who were great and just made the whole process enjoyable.

I had a strong vision and they just got where I was coming from

My Wishlist included:-

*Simplicity – I wanted everything to be fairly plain so I could bring out design features in my accessories.

* Handless – Lots of research here and it’s very much a personal choice but they give such a lovely clean finish – very happy
* Colour – By keeping the work surface white, it gave me the opportunity to be bold with the colour of the doors and tie in with the rest of my house
* Tiles – I definitely wanted to have a bit of fun with the tiles, either through colour or shape – I went with a shape
* Floor – Again having simplicity in the work surface and doors, meant I could bring some pattern into the floor
* Shelf – Simple concept but I just wanted to bring something into my kitchen space which gave me the opportunity to show off some nice thing which weren’t necessarily kitchen related

The End Result

I am so happy with the end result. It’s kind of understated but in a way that is still a talking point and it certainly has given me a happy space to enjoy.

If I could give any advice based on my experience, it’s really think about what your kitchen needs to bring it back to life; maybe just maybe you don’t need to start again and an update might work.

I think with any big project which involves the design, it’s got to be right for you. Be guided and do your research, but it needs to make you happy. It needs to be that space that you walk into and give you the biggest smile

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and need window treatments or upholstery for your project  why not get in touch with Katharine Ellen Designs. There is plenty of ideas, colours and textures to get your project started.